The revolving door between "Wall Street" and Washington D.C. doesn't bode well for your portfolio, accounts, or your privacy. UnWoke is here to help.


Launched originally as "UnWoke Investing" ( and later becoming UnWoke.Academy, we are people within the world of Finance who fight back, advocating for We The People, and against globalist, anti-American, far-Left agendas. We do this by researching and communicating.


We believe in clear, objective measures, transparency, investment in America-first Patriotism, and the many pillars of Western society: Freedom, Liberty, and self-determination.

We recognized long ago that globalist banks and managers exert undue influence over Wall Street and that Wall Street then controls virtually all of Finance, leveraging their power and connections to the media to steer monies into far-Left, globalist companies, causes, and countries. This means that We The People work hard to save our money and that money frequently then ends up diverted into high-fee (but often low cost) products that support other countries and globalist initiatives, often to the direct detriment of the portfolio's returns and We The People directly. To make matters worse, there is a growing lack of financial privacy in the United States and the West. Government interference into the financial lives of citizens is expected elsewhere in the world but has no place in the United States.


Welcome to the UnWoke Private Membership Association.

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