Financial PMA, launching now!

(Official launch date: July 4, 2024)


Simply put, a Private Membership Association ("PMA") is a group of Informed, Freedom-loving, Patriotic Americans choosing to assert their Constitutional Rights, associating freely in support of a particular activity or interest with minimal government involvement.
PMA are a private alternative to incorporating, which inherently improves privacy and reduces government oversight.

PMA have been around for many decades, are well established, and can be found in many areas, regions, and endeavors; it's our understanding that we are the first people to apply the principle to Finance.
PMA have existed for many decades and are supported by significant case law, all the way to the U.S Supreme Court.

  • Parallel Economy
  • Privacy
  • Un-cancelable Finance
  • Freedom/Autonomy
  • Private Citizen (We The People) doing business the way we were meant; privately
  • Limited Government surveilance or interference

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Scroll down to learn more about PMA and their frequent/various applications.

Important Notes:
We are accepting:
- 100 Individual/Family Members; and 
- 100 Business/Corporate Members.

These Members will provide case-study (anonymously).

Members will become part of the mutual and collaborative UnWoke Financial PMA initiative based upon first-come-first served, once approved.

Financial PMA is an entirely new approach. Instead of commissions, overrides, planning or advisory fees, or percentage of assets, Members pay a clear Membership Fee.

UnWoke PMA reserves the right to select, decline, approve, deny, or remove Members based upon criteria that are defined in our Memebership Agreement. 

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