Announcing the launch of the United States' first Financial PMA

Private Membership Associations (PMA)

Private Membership Associations ("PMA" for short) have existed for many decades and are supported by significant case law, all the way to the U.S Supreme Court. Recent government over-reach has led to rapid, wide-spread interest in their use.

Simply put, a Private Membership Association (PMA) is "a group of Informed, Freedom-loving, Patriotic Americans choosing to assert their Constitutional Rights, associating freely in support of a particular activity or interest with minimal government involvement."
PMA are a private alternative to incorporating, which inherently improves privacy and reduces government oversight and monitoring.

PMAs have been around for many decades, are well established, and can be found in many areas, regions, and endeavors; it's our understanding that we are the first people to apply the principle to Finance.

  • Parallel Economy
  • Privacy
  • Un-cancelable Finance
  • Freedom/Autonomy
  • Private Citizen doing business the way      we were meant; privately
  • Limit Government surveilance or interference

Covering financial matters for Patriotic Americans: Investments, Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, Private Equity/Funding, Credit Cards, and much more.

Strategic Partners

We strive to constantly add to our network of Patriotic, UnWoke resources and their myriad services.

National & International Connections

Members are comprised of myriad professionals from various markets & endeavors; Patriotic American individuals & businesses. 

Your path to enjoying an UnWoke financial live

Vote your values.

Defund the "woke".

DIS the Globalist-Left; know where you Donate, Invest, & Spend.

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